Mathematics: Integral Part of Life

Mathematics is not only an  important subject of school curriculum  , it is integral part of our life. Though the basics of Mathematics start as a school discipline but its usage continues till one become an adult and thus it can be said that Mathematics has became an integral part of us. Imagining our lives without it is like a ship without sail. .We use Mathematics every day even without knowing it and acknowledging it.
Mathematics is used as an essential tool throughout the world in many fields like engineering, medicine, natural sciences, astronomy, banking and finance sector, construction, music etc. Mathematics gives the opportunity to think in his or her way and find out solutions to our everyday problems. It makes person systematic and methodical. It makes our life orderly and systematic. Mathematics is the cradle of all creations without which the world cannot move an inch.
With proper training and guidance any one can become a mathematician. It is an easy subject if learnt through activities, puzzles, games etc. It is very important to get a clear conceptual understanding developed at a very young age.
The objective of quality education for our children is to develop the skills associated with learning is the key principle of Mathematics that develops the love of learning. Certain qualities that are nurtured by Mathematics are power of reasoning, critical thinking, creativity,  abstract or spatial thinking, problem solving ability.
Keeping pace with the competition  Mathematics  Department  of G.D. Goenka, Greater Noida  lays more emphasis on application based mathematics that checks ones accuracy and knowledge of various fields of Mathematics .
Maths week is observed every year in the school periphery to the showcase the talent of our young mathematician via various Competition, Quizzes, Projects, Models, Seminars,  Workshops  Exams and Fun activities.

By Anupam Asthana


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